Change Lync to Skype for Business – what is new

25.05.2015 15:17

If you're coming to Skype for Business from Lync, you'll recognize all of the features you already use but in a fresh new interface with simplified controls and some great new additions:


•    New look and feel
In the Skype Meeting window, the simplified arrangement of controls and menus makes it easy to find the command you need. In the conversation window, chat text is formatted so you can easily see who’s talking.
If you've ever had someone send you a file during an IM conversation, then file transfer preview is another feature of the new Skype for Business.

•    Call from Skype for Business using your desk phone for audio
(This feature is available only if your organization has Skype for Business Server 2015.)
If you have a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) desk phone and your IT department has configured it to work with Skype for Business you can search for people in your organization and place calls to them from within the Skype for Business user interface, while audio for the call flows through your standard desk (PBX) phone.

•    Integration with the Skype directory
(This feature is available only for Skype for Business Server 2015 or Skype for Business Online and The latest version of Skype.)
Skype for Business users can connect over the Internet with hundreds of millions of Skype users right from the Skype for Business user interface.

•    Call Monitor
With Call Monitor, you can move back and forth between a full Skype for Business window, for those times when you're actively participating in the call, and a compact version.

•    Quick access to call controls
For public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls, the dial-pad and call controls remain visible throughout the call.