News in Windows 8.1

19.08.2013 10:54

Microsoft announced an official date of expedition for Windows 8.1 for wide community of users - 18.10.2013.


Return of the Start button, enhanced Metro, greater connection with SkyDrive, new search, wider options for settings or start directly on the desktop.


All of this you can try with: Windows 8.1 Preview

Search once. Go anywhere.

A single search now brings you results from your PC, your apps, and the web. See results in a clean, graphic view that lets you take immediate action and launch apps. Search, click, do. Find a song and start playing it, or find a video and watch it right away. Powered by Bing.

Fast, full-screen browsing

When you get Windows 8.1 Preview, you also get to check out the new Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 Preview is built for touch, with faster load times, a full-screen experience that includes side-by-side browsing of your sites, and real-time info delivered on your Start screen through live tiles for your favorite sites.

Built-in cloud storage

SkyDrive is now the default location for saving documents. So you always have your files wherever you go, even when you’re offline. And with the included SkyDrive app, you can manage both local files and SkyDrive files in one place.

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