Outsourcing IT

IT Outsourcing refers to the process of contracting to a third-party company which takes over the internal IT processes. It is always specified in the contract with the supplier what exact processes (or parts of the processes) are taken over and it also specifies the characteristics of the processes which have to be obeyed and available. Outsourcing brings a lot of the advantages to the companies.

Basic Advantages of IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT

Availability - Our response time to particular requirements is specified in the contract and therefore it ensures our clients that we will be ready to help them when they need it.

Guarantee of quality and high specialization - This is the main scope of employment of our IT specialists. They are always in touch with the latest technologies and solutions. They keep track of the current trends in IT, usually in form of IT trainings and seminars. Not to mention that they gain experiences working on other projects every day.

Continues development - It is possible to entrust us with the permanent progress of your IT infrastructure and software equipment. All will be plan wise, thoughtfully and in accordance with the company's goals.

Taking advantage of your own employees - you can relieve your own IT specialist of the common administrator's work and maintenance so that he can fully focus on the development of the company's activities.

Real Valuation of IT Costs

The first thing that management asks when thinking of the IT outsourcing is how much we are going to save. If you thought only of the direct costs for your IT department, your expectations may not be fully satisfied. The best way to judge the savings is to consult all the possible expanses - direct and indirect - that are connected to IT department:

External consultation services - Those services would have to be bought anyway - especially before big changes and projects like migration and implementation of a new solution take place.
Training of administrators and programmers - Training of your own IT staff becomes useless once they leave the company. Also, being on one IT education course per year doesn't make your own IT staff IT specialists. With IT outsourcing,f you can be sure that your IT staff will always be highly educated.
Substitutability of key employees - During the vacation time or in case of any sicknesses or non-availability of your IT employees, it's needed to have someone reliable to substitute. That usually means hiring another employee. You don't have to care about this with IT outsourcing.
Technical equipment of IT department - Computers, mobile phones, cars, etc. Just take a look at your IT department and think of the savings that you could have if you didn't have to buy all these stuff.
Purchase of software and technologies - Software and technologies purchased just for testing and implementing of new solutions become useless wth IT outsourcing.