Nowadays, virtualization is not used only for servers, but also for client computers. Virtualization can make administration easier and increase availability of computers. All that with higher level of individualization than using Windows Terminal Server or Citrix XenApp (Metaframe and Presentation Server).

What is server virtualization?

Virtualization is application level that is inserted beteween hardware and operating system. This application level has to main functions:
1) Virtualize hardware of the computer and provide the same software environment no matter what hardware configuration is used. It is hardware independent.
2) It allows to run more than one operating system on one hardware.

What is the usage of such a technologie?

  • Consolidation of the servers - Many current surveys and researches say that most of the servers in the companies use only 10% of its hardware capacity. So the first big advantage of the virtualization is that you can optimize usage of your hardware more effectively by allowing other virtual operating system to use the unused hardware capacity. Second big advantage of the virtualization is that virtual operating systems are hardware independent and can be easily moved to another physical hardware configuration without any driver problems.
  • Developing and testing environment - Virtualization itself together with virtualization tools and platforms allows very quick testing of all kinds of technologies and also makes developing of new applications and software much easier.
  • High availability - As it was already partly mentioned in the first point, virtualization not just only allows optimizing the usage of hardware of the server but also makes virtual operating systems hardware independent. Thanks to this, it is very easy to move virtual servers between physical servers which very increases availability of applications running on the virtual server. Users will not even notice that the server he is using is running on a different hardware. Virtualization platforms are able to restart virtual servers automaticlly. All this characteristics of virtualization allow to minimize the risk of unavailability due to hardware error.

What products can be used for server virtualization?

There are all kinds of tools for virtualization. Our company currently uses mainly these virtualization platforms: