Windows 8 Consumer Preview

28.02.2012 16:38

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has arrived. A prerelease version of Windows 8, it's Windows reimagined and reinvented. See how the new touch interface gives you natural, direct, hands-on control of your PC.

See what's new

Swipe, slide, and zoom
Touch a full-powered PC. It's fast and it's fluid. Take natural, direct, hands-on control.

Apps, front and center
Apps in Windows 8 work together to get things done faster. Get them from the Windows Store.

Your Windows, everywhere
Windows 8 can connect you to your files, photos, people, and settings, wherever you sign in.

Wall-to-wall web
Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview brings you immersive web browsing on screens big and small. 

The familiar, made better
Still devoted to your mouse and keyboard? Windows 8 makes the tried-and-true feel brand new. 

The Windows Experience Blog
Read this Windows Experience Blog entry for some tips on getting started with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. 

..and find even more on Microsoft websites.