Zabbix monitoring

Monitoring of functionality of information technologies is in these days commonly used in most of the companies. If you are trying to control your investments in IT and monitor work of your IT department, records from monitoring tool will be very helpful.

System Zabbix, which we implement, helps you to get current information about the status of your whole network and also to get a review of functionality of information technologies in past. Commonly monitored technologies include:

  • Servers (hardware and applications)
  • Firewalls
  • Active network components
  • Connectivity (internet, connections to company branches)
  • Peripherals (status of printers – out of toner messages, etc.)

Correctly implemented monitoring of IT allows you to get a good review of status of your information technology, helps you to react quickly to possible problems and mainly it allows you to limit the time which your IT employee have to spend with common administration of your IT and therefore they have more time for more important and conceptual things.

One of our favorite monitoring tools is Zabbix. This software is open source and therefore is free. Despite this, it is very powerful tool which is able to satisfy even big companies.
We use Zabbix monitoring tool in our environment as well and we are able to implement this software in the way that suites your requirements.