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For 20 years we have been helping companies leverage the power of IT to grow their business. Our goal is to be a long-term partner to our clients, ensuring the overall development of their information technology. We make sure that we deliver complete solutions to our clients, for which we guarantee the resulting functionality.



IT Management

What can be expected in IT governance?

Internet connection and network management

We ensure your network infrastructure administration, which will cover besides servers all of active and passive components and internet connectivity.



We understand, how important it is for you to have stable and reliable server equipment. That is why we always take care of servers proactively with regular carrying out activities necessary for continuous network operation. This is the only way to make your servers one of pillars of your business.



We take special care of optimizing, securing and documenting your end-devices. Remote access system is one of the main parts of our services. It allows us to react almost immediately to majority of ongoing issues.



We also have large experience in managing various cloud-based services. Hybrid technologies, with location partly in the cloud and partly locally in your network does not make us a problem. We consider hybrid technologies as an interesting alternative, especially attractive to small and medium companies.



We offer quick and reliable support to users in our client companies. Our colleagues are always happy to assist with all kinds of issues, problems and questions you can have. You can contact them by phone, email or our internal helpdesk system up to 24/7 (anytime in the day, all week long).



We will gladly help you with developing your information technologies, taking care to realize all of changes conceptually and efficiently in terms of your needs. Our experience is based on hundreds of realized projects.


Other services

What else can we offer you?

Sale of HW and SW

In addition to the sale of stand-alone HW and SW, we will be happy to supply you with clearly defined product units for whose resulting functionality we take full responsibility.


Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft CSP partner, we are able to recommend and offer suitable licenses within Microsoft cloud services.


IT security

We try to take a comprehensive approach to IT security and design solutions that have a similar security standard in all their parts.


Audit IT

We perform general IT audits as well as targeted audits. Within the general audit, we try to assess the client's IT status in terms of security and best practices and then, if necessary, focus on problematic areas in the next phase.


Hosting services

We offer our clients our own hosting services. You can rent space for your website, email boxes, virtual servers or space for your physical servers.


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Why choose an external
IT administrator?


Managing IT by an external supplier has a number of advantages for the company.
Many will be surprised to learn that the main one may not be financial savings.


A wealth of experience

A major advantage of working with an external computer network administrator is the wealth of experience that the external administrator has compared to internal IT staff. The knowledge and experience of internal IT staff is usually limited by the technologies and specific configurations used in their parent company. In contrast, an external computer network administrator can draw on the experience gained from working on a large number of projects for a number of companies doing business in a variety of industries.

Our employees work on many implementation projects on a daily basis, where they encounter modern technologies and their various applications in practice. This experience allows us to provide first class quality in the field of information technology to all our clients, regardless of their size. Whether it is the design of new solutions, migration of current technologies, IT development or consulting, you can always rely on our expertise and individual approach.

Flexibility and substitutability

By working with an external network administrator, you will get rid of the problems associated with ensuring business continuity and ensuring the smooth running of your company's IT department. The care of ensuring a sufficient number of employees even in case of illnesses and vacations passes to the external network administrator and you can focus on your core and profitable activities in peace.

We guarantee our clients the required response times and quality of service in the form of an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Thanks to a sophisticated documentation system, our clients can always rely on a technician who is familiar with their IT environment.

We offer the ability to quickly change the scope of contracted services according to your current needs and the ability of our experts to help you with your IT development.

Minimising risks

When working with an external administrator of your computer network, you have the option to set stricter rules of cooperation in the service contract than in the case of internal IT employees. The cooperation is conditional on compliance with the defined quality of service (SLA) and in cases where the quality of service is not met, contractual penalties, compensation for damages or immediate termination of cooperation may be applied.

Due to the high expertise of our staff and the emphasis we place on ensuring the IT security of our clients, you do not have to worry about the increased risk of sensitive information being taken out of your company. On the contrary, our experience is that by hiring an external network administrator, the security of your company's IT increases rapidly, minimizing the risk of data leakage. Surveys show that more than 90% of sensitive data leaks are caused by internal employees. In cases where companies use an external network administrator, there is less interconnection between internal employees and the external administrator's staff, and therefore less risk of sensitive data disclosure.

Proactive approach

The external network administrator has a very good overview of new information technologies and applications on the market thanks to the many projects he has implemented. He then uses this knowledge to design new solutions tailored to the specific needs of his clients.

Our company is an active partner to its clients, both from a technical and business point of view.

We constantly monitor our clients' technologies 24/7. In the vast majority of cases, we are able to prevent problems thanks to early warnings from our monitoring system. We regularly analyze the entrusted technologies with regard to our clients' needs and the chosen IT strategy. If we detect any shortcomings or see room for improvement in IT infrastructure, IT security or work efficiency, we do not hesitate to offer the client a suitable solution.

Financial savings

From a financial perspective, working with an external IT administrator is beneficial in terms of both direct and indirect cost savings.

The savings in direct costs are mainly due to the fact that the client is able to purchase only the package of services that he really needs to ensure the safe and reliable operation of his information technology.

Indirect cost minimisation is achieved by delegating the responsibility for ensuring expertise to an external network administrator and also by increasing the quality of service. All the costs associated with training in-house IT staff, expert consultancy and running your own IT department become a thing of the past. Thanks to the high expertise of external IT staff and the increased quality of service, you can also expect lower costs associated with dealing with errors caused by poor or non-conceptual decisions.

IT Management - FAQ


Answers to frequently asked questions about IT governance.


As the needs of each client are very individual, there is unfortunately no exact price list that would help you answer this question easily. The best way to find out the financial terms of our cooperation is to contact us and arrange a personal meeting to discuss your needs and our options. Based on such a meeting, we are able to quickly prepare a tailored offer to meet your needs.

The most common model of cooperation is to establish a fixed monthly fee that guarantees maintenance and maintenance of the functionality of the existing server solution without limitation of hours. The monthly flat rate includes all activities that are necessary to ensure the functionality of the entire solution and minimize potential problems. These include regular updates, checking backup functionality, regular checking of important server functions, 24/7 monitoring, documentation, among others. Overtime on servers and stations is then charged at an hourly rate. With this model, you will be able to better predict your IT costs.

However, we are not opposed to other types of cooperation that meet your individual needs.

In case you are satisfied with the proposed price and scope of services, it is time to sign a service contract, which defines all the agreed parameters of our cooperation. On the basis of the signed service contract, a date is set for the handover of your IT to our management. This handover of services takes place in the form of an initial audit, during which the current state and functional status of the managed technologies is determined. The output of the initial audit is a protocol, the signing of which starts all contractual obligations.


As far as the main platforms are concerned, we are able to manage both systems built on Microsoft Windows and systems built on UNIX or Linux. Over these systems we have experience with many applications/services such as MS Active Directory, MS Exchange, MS SQL, MS Sharepoint, Postfix, MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, Nginx, Samba. For virtualization of managed solutions we use mainly VMWare, MS Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. It certainly makes sense to contact us even if you didn't find the system/application you are using in this list.


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