IT Management

We specialize in external management of corporate information technology - IT Outsourcing. Our goal is long-term transparent cooperation based on a clearly defined contract. External IT management can bring a number of advantages to companies compared to the use of internal IT. We are able to take over the management of the entire IT as well as only certain parts. For our clients, we do not only deal with IT management alone, but we also take care of IT development and the supply of all information and communication technologies.

We will be happy to explain to you personally why this way of managing your IT might be interesting for you.

IT Support

Come with us!

  • We have been managing our clients' IT for over 25 years.
  • We are a certified partner of a number of IT vendors (Microsoft Certified Partner, ESET Gold Partner, Dell Partner, Sophos Silver Partner and others)
  • You can verify with our clients that we are their stable and long-standing IT partner.
  • We work with companies of tens or even hundreds of users.
  • At the beginning of the contractual cooperation we will perform an initial audit free of charge.

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