IT audits and consultations

During our work in the field of information technology we have gained a lot of experience, which we try to use in the implementation of audits and consultations. Mostly, audits or consultations are tailored to the requirements of a particular client, but in general these are the following service lines:

  • general IT audit
    Based on an interview with the client's IT staff, we describe the current state of IT and highlight any problems found. We take into account both general "best practices" and the current importance of IT for the client.
  • Specific in-depth audit
    In case we come across a specific part in the general audit that should be investigated in more depth or we have already specified a problem from the client, we are able to conduct an audit in which we already investigate the condition of a specific part of IT ourselves and the conclusions are more accurate and based on our direct inspection of the audited technologies.
  • feasibility study
    If you are addressing more complex IT development needs, we are able to suggest a way to verify that a particular solution will meet the stated objectives.
  • Consultation on technology, development, processes
    Even if you have your own internal IT staff, an outside perspective may be of interest to you. Alternatively, we can add experience in areas that your internal staff are not experienced in.