End-user support

Our main long term goal is to provide and maintain all IT services in a way which you can always rely on without one grain of doubt. The same principle pushes us forward when we support our end-users. Our technicians and administrators are a very friendly crowd which will always help you with solving your issues and keep the stress away from the environment. We approach each problem professionally and individually in order to provide you with the best experience.

End-user support is also available 24/7, wherever in Czech Republic. We log of all of the issues and problems into our own helpdesk system and all the performed jobs and interventions are carefully noted by our technicians. Based on these records we provide you with clear and transparent reports every month.

You can submit all of your requests through our helpdesk system or by telephone and email. For bigger clients we organize prophylactic visits on a regular weekly or bi-weekly basis during which we prevent most of the occurring issues . On top of that, our door are always open for personal visits too and there is always a warm cup of coffee or tea ready to heat you up during the cold winter days.

Nothing keeps our wheels running better than a happy user after our visit or a call. Join us, and be a part of the large family of happy and satisfied customers.