Internet connection and network management

Network is fundamental part of your information technologies, therefore it requires quality administration. In VOKSYS, s.r.o., we analyze each network through the 3 approaches:

1. Consulting

We are experienced and trained in developing and optimizing cable infrastructure, passive and active units in order to develop and construct network suited your company needs. We guarantee high quality work in cooperation with our partners.

Multi location networks? No problem. VOKSYS, s.r.o. will design, optimize and construct one singular network for your company even if your branches are hundreds of kilometers away of each other, thanks to our long-term cooperation with local Czech internet service providers.

2. Auditing and quality testing

Local Area Networks are a never-ending rivers of data flowing between stations, servers and other network devices. Are you aware how do they flow? Are all of your data adequately protected? We can answer all of these questions for you.

Our experienced team will secure and optimize your network in the best way that suits your company needs, so you and your employees never stress again because of laggy network or disconnected printer.

3. Administration

Design and construction are only the first steps in the process of building a good network. We provide complete administration of active components and take care of monitoring, updates, backups and other duties. We support servers with all of the usual operating system thanks to our multi-year experience.

In case of a hardware malfunction, we have replacements ready, so the downtime should be minimal.