Server administration

Our main goal in server administration is to be ahead of the potential issues before they occur. We can achieve this by automating most of the usual administrative activities. From our administrators you can expect:


    Functionality of your network is regularly monitored through our system. In case of an issue or a breakdown, relevant administrators are always immediately informed by SMS, so they can start working on it.
    All of the issued updates to firmware, OS or other applications are always tested on our test servers to verify their functionality and stability before implementation to production level in order to avoid issues and problems.
    Every important server and data are regularly backed up by our automated system. Designated employee always checks if all backups were created successfully and regularly tests restoration from them to assure that backups are not only created but always ready for use.
    All of the needed and vital information, how-to’s and instructions are kept in our central database system which allows all our administrators and technicians to be up to date with all of your devices and technologies.
    Even when we take all of the precaution measures, accidents happen and devices break beyond repair but that does not mean end of the story for US. We guarantee restoration of data from your server included in your contract. Such warranty is always agreed individualy with all our clients to better fit your needs.

We are able to administrate servers with all common operating systems. Our rich experience in server administration is based on hundreds of servers from all of the possible producers and with all of the possible systems we worked with.

Your network should be well cared with us!