Migration to Microsoft 365 / Azure

If you decide to rebuild your IT on the Microsoft 365 / Azure cloud environment, we can handle all parts of the transition.

Analysis of the current situation

First, you need to assess the current state of your IT. You need to find out what services your IT is currently providing you with and properly design how to provide those services within Microsoft 365. With a simpler IT approach, you can often eliminate all on-premises server technology. With larger IT, it is often the case that some IT will remain local and only some IT will move to the cloud.

Setting up your Microsoft 365 environment

If it is agreed what services will be transferred to the cloud and how, then it is necessary to set up the individual products within Microsoft 365 / Azure. This is not only about the functionality of the individual services, but also about security and, if necessary, sufficient logging so that in the event of problems, it is possible to trace who made the unwanted change and how.

Data migration

The last phase is the actual switching of individual services to the new environment. According to the initial analysis, we will decide whether the complete migration will take place in one moment or whether the individual services will be migrated gradually. We always try to make the transition smooth and minimize any disruptions that would limit the operation of the company. For the migration of mail and file services, we are able to use tools that allow data to be synchronized in advance, and at the agreed upon point in time, all we need to do is reconfigure user technologies to use content from the Microsoft 365 / Azure environment.