Automatic file archivation in Sharepoint

Have you started using Sharepoint file storage as part of your Microsoft 365 services? If, like some of our clients, you're wondering if it makes sense to move older files to archive folders based on a key, we have a solution for you.

How does it work?

An archive library is created in Sharepoint. Our application will move the files to be archived into this library according to the defined rules, while keeping the same folder structure as in the original library. Different access permissions can be set on the archive library. The application is hosted on our servers by default and must have access to the client tenant. The application then checks the contents of the library at agreed intervals and performs archiving if necessary. The running of the application is logged.

What archiving rules can be used?

  • Time of last modification of the file
  • file extensions

Why is it useful to archive files?

  • with more than 5000 files in one library, some Sharepoint features (filtering, sorting, bulk file operations) stop working
  • for better clarity it is advisable to move unused files
  • other client specific reasons

If you are interested in our solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.